Let's take a look at the Korean sentence pattern 왜 하필 + Noun. This is the Korean way of saying Of all, why... For example, today is my birthday and I was planning a beach party with friends. The weather has been terrible since last night and it is not getting any better. I have no choice but to call it off. The heavy rain just ruined my plan. So I said Why does it have to rain today, of all days? (It didn’t rain in the last five days. Why does it have to be today?) The main verb is 비가 오다 (to rain). 왜 하필 comes before it. The actual sentence is 왜 하필 비가 와? or more naturally 왜 하필 비가 오는 거야? We can also say 하필 왜.

하필 왜 걔야?

Why him, of all people? (I don’t like him. Why did I pick his name to be my dance partner?)

왜 하필 한국이야?

Why Korea, of all countries out there? (I have been there so many times, so I wanted to try other places)


하필 왜 새우 피자야?

Oh my, why shrimp pizza of all pizzas out there? (I am allergic to shrimp)