Noun + 뭐하게

Let's take a look at the Korean sentence pattern Noun + 뭐하게(?). We use this to ask someone what he is going to do with something especially when it sudden, random, and unclear. For example, I am at the department store with my uncle to buy some clothes. Suddenly, he drops by the women section and starts looking for underwear. It is so sudden and I have no idea what or who is it is for. So I say What are you gonna do with the panty, uncle? Or What is the panty for, uncle? The main noun is 팬티 (panty). The topic marker (/) is attached to the noun and then we add 뭐하게(). The actual sentence is 팬티는 뭐하게요, 삼촌?

이쑤시개는 뭐하게?

What is the toothpick for? (you are not even eating)

식초는 뭐하게?

What is the vinegar for? (it doesnt seem like youre cooking)

5만원 뭐하게?

What is the money (50,000won) for? (you are just a kid and you are asking that much randomly)