Learn Korean: Verb + 땐 언제고

Lets take a look at the Korean sentence pattern Verb + 땐 언제고(?). We use this when we tell someone to do something which he usually does, but he is acting as if he never does it. We are like What’s wrong with you? As if you never do it! For example, my boyfriend is very affectionate and loves to do cutesy stuff or aegyo in front of me. I’m not really fond of it, but today I feel like seeing him do aegyo. I don’t know why but he is being moody and refuses to do it. So I say Duh, you always do it and now you’re acting as if you don’t. The main verb is 애교를 부리다 (to act cutesy). We take the verb stem (부리) and attach because it ends in a vowel. Otherwise, use . Then, we add 땐 언제고. The actual sentence is 애교 부릴 땐 언제고?!

소주 마실 땐 언제고?

What’s wrong with you? You always ask me to drink soju with you, but now you don’t wanna drink!

같이 놀 땐 언제고?

You always want to play with me and then suddenly you are saying that we are too old for it.

먹기 싫을 땐 언제고?

You always said you hated eating ramyun and now you want me to cook for you?