Learn Korean: Verb + 기나 하다

Let’s take a look at the Korean sentence pattern Verb + 기나 하다. It is similar to the English expression Cut it out! We use this to ask someone to stop speaking nonsense or doing something annoying and continue doing what he is supposed to do. For example, we have 10 minutes before the school bus comes. I am in a hurry, but my brother has no sense of urgency. Instead of eating his breakfast as quick as possible, he suddenly talks about his nightmare. Like, duh, do I have time to listen to it? I am so annoyed so I say Cut it out! Just eat. The main verb is 먹다 (to eat). We take the verb stem () and attach 기나 하다. The actual sentence is 먹기나 해().

하기나 해.

Just do it. (stop complaining, just do it)

빨리 가기나 해.

Just keep on walking okay? (we are late)

보기나 해.

Just watch it. (I hate it when people talk while I am watching a movie)