Korean Vocabulary Sample

살을 빼다
means to exert some effort to lose weight

너무 똥똥해. 살을 빼.
You’re so fat. Lose some weight.

마음에 들다
means to like something as if it appeals to the heart

너 마음에 안 들어.
I don’t like you. (You’re not my cup of tea)

책임을 지다
means to take responsibility for something

책임을 져! 네 아들이잖아.
Be responsible! He's your son.

철이 들다
means to be matured in one’s way of thinking

12살인데 철이 많이 든 것 같아.
He's just 12 but thinks like a mature person.

신세를 지다
means to owe someone something

신세 많이 졌어. 꼭 갚을게.
I owe you a lot. I assure I pay you back.

입이 싸다
means to have a cheap mouth (implying that someone is bad at keeping secrets or cannot control his mouth). In English, we say ‘a big mouth’

걔랑 놀지마. 입 너무 싸.
Don'y hang out with her. She's such a big mouth.

안부를 전하다
means to say hello to someone through another person

지민한테 안부 전해 줘.
Send my regards to Jimin.

술에 취하다
means to get drunk or be intoxicated

어젯밤 미안해. 술 취했어.
I am sorry about last night. I was drunk.

바람을 쐬다
means to get some air for relaxation

바람 쐬러 갈게.
I'll just go out for some fresh air.

장을 보다
means to buy groceries

장 보러 갔어.
He went grocery shopping.