Learn Korean: Verb + 달라고 해

Let’s take a look at the Korean sentence pattern Verb + 달라고 해. We use this pattern to tell someone to make a favor or request to another person. So A tells B to ask C to do something. For example, I am on a trip in Jeju with my boyfriend and we come across a picturesque view of the ocean. We want a photo together but we don’t have a tripod. The only way to make that happen is to ask a stranger to take that dreamy photo. I feel shy so I tell him to approach the guy nearby. I say Go and ask him to take a photo of us. The main verb is 사진 찍다 (to take a photo). We take the verb stem () and conjugate it into its // form (찍어). Then we add 달라고 하다. The actual sentence is 사진 찍어 달라고 해(). We can also use the high polite form (하세요) and low casual form (해라). To add the nuance give-it-a-try, we attach 보다 to . We say 사진 찍어 달라고 해봐 (해보세요/해봐라).

사진 찍어 달라고 해봐.

Try to ask (him) to take a picture.

도와 달라고 해.

Ask (her) to help you.

써 달라고 해라.

Ask (your brother) to write (it) for you.