Learn Korean: Noun + 어때서요?

Let's take a look at the Korean sentence pattern Noun + 어때서요(?). We use this to shrug off other people's seemingly negative opinion about something that concerns us or other people. For example, I have a new boyfriend who is 10 years older than me. He is in his 40s. After introducing him to my female friends, they taunted me why I chose an old guy like him when I have a lot of younger suitors. It sounded off and I was really offended so I say So what if he is an old guy? What's your problem? The main noun is *an old guy. In Korean, it is 아저씨. It comes before 어때서(). The actual sentence is 아저씨 () 어때서()? We can add in between for emphasis.

내 얼굴 뭐 어때서?

What's your problem with my face? (Tell me what exactly is the problem. I bet you can't point out any.)

아저씨 어때서요?

So what if he is an old guy? (he might be old but he treats me like a queen)

음치가  어때서?

So what if you are tone-deaf? (noraebang is for everyone, singers or not)